Concrete Tanks

Vista Verde Reservoirs

Vista Verde, CA 2016-2021 Construction of the Vista Verde Reservoir Replacement Project – Phase II, including two 1 MG Type I pre-stressed concrete reservoirs, valve structure, interconnecting piping, mass grading, paving, site improvements, landscaping, electrical, instrumentation, demolition of the existing…

Brinton Reservoir

Banning, CA 2010 The Brinton Reservoir was completed in May 2010, and has a total value of construction of $10,458,265. The project consists of the construction of an 8 million gallon concrete tank, earthworks, blockwall, paving, site piping, retaining wall,…

Milliken 1010-2B Reservoir

Ontario, CA 2008 The Milliken 1010-2B Reservoir Project was completed in February 2008, and the total value of construction of this project is worth $8,547,851. This project includes the installation of a 9 million gallon above-grade prestressed concrete reservoir, valve…

Hidden Hills Reservoir

Yorba Linda, CA 2010 Completed in July 2010, the Hidden Hills Reservoir project has a total value of construction worth $5,040,865. This project includes the construction of a 2-million-gallon concrete tank, modification of existing pump station, pipeline work, AC paving,…

Yucaipa Reservoir G-1 Non-potable

St. Joseph’s Reservoir

Greer Ranch 2050 Tank Site

Greer Ranch 1850 Tank Site

Alamitos Reservoir